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lampki nocne

lampki nocne producent

Night-lamps - enter the catalog of lighting fittings:

Oprawy oświetleniowe producentLampki nocne producent

Our company offers beautifully designed night lamps which certainly can become an attractive decoration of most houses and apartments, pensions and hotels as well as many different rooms. Their appearance makes them a perfect idea for a present to our relatives or friends. Advantage of the lamp is an elegant lamp-shade manufactured from material or plastic in pastel colour, therefore they suit to the decoration of almost each bedroom. The base is made from different shape of wood in the colours of pine, oak, dark oak, alder. The lamps are switched on with the switch located at the power cable. Our offer includes the lamps with a bulb of large screw E 27 as well as a small screw E 14. We recommend these products especially for people who value pleasant atmosphere in the bedroom and more than that (use your imagination).

Available colours:

Producent lamp z drewna Lampki nocne Producent lamp Lampki nocne producent

Enter the catalog of lighing fittings of night-lamps:

Oprawy oświetleniowe producentLampki nocne
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